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Stargazey Pie

Stargazey Pie : Perhaps the most famous (and strangest) of all Cornish fish dishes. Originating from Mousehole, it is traditionally eaten during Tom Bawcock’s Eve on 23rd December- in honour of the famous fisherman.

The legend explains that in the 16th Century one winter had been particularly stormy, meaning that none of the fishing boats had been able to leave the harbour. As Christmas approached, the villagers, who relied on fish as their primary source of food, were facing starvation.

On 23 December, Tom Bawcock decided to brave the storms and went out in his fishing boat. Despite the stormy weather and the difficult seas, he managed to catch enough fish to feed the entire village. The entire catch (including seven types of fish) was baked into a pie, which had the fish heads poking through to prove that there were fish inside.

This is an A4 print (one of my Cornish Seafood series) - available to buy individually or as part of the series. Contact us for more details.

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